Still Using Sliding Rail Pallet Access on Your Mezzanine?

Sliding Rail Image Up and Over Pallet Gate Image Bi-Swing Pallet Gate Image Up & Over Safety Gates for High Pallets Photo 1

Isn’t it time you considered mezzanine safety pallet gates? If your mezzanine floor was installed some time ago, you may have opted for the low cost option of a sliding rail for pallet access, as pictured in the first image above.

Even when used in conjunction with a site specific risk assessment, this system still relies on operators remembering to slide the bars back after use and potentially leaves employees working in this area vulnerable.

Current Health and Safety Work at Height Regulations require the employer to take all reasonable measures to safeguard personnel from falls from height.

In their publication Warehousing and Storage: A guide to health and safety HSG76’ the Health and Safety Executive advise as follows:-

‘Locations in the fencing on mezzanine areas where stock is transferred should be suitably guarded to prevent people or objects falling over the edge. A swingover pallet gate can achieve this. Chains, tape etc should not be used as edge protection because they will not be robust enough to prevent a fall should someone stumble or inadvertently lean against them’

We strongly recommend that for all current installations customers use a safety pallet gate which ensures that there is never an exposed edge on the mezzanine floor.  We would also advise any existing sites to seriously consider replacing sliding rails with a safer option.

Advantage offer two models of safety pallet gate – the ‘up and over’ model and a bi-swing spring loaded gate.  Both are pictured in the centre above.

Standard sizes are ideal for typically 1200 x 1000mm pallets with the standard up and over gates accommodating loads up to 1500mm high.  If your pallets are loaded high, this is not a problem.  We also offer pallet gates designed for high loads  – see the final photo.

For custom requirements – just give Advantage a call on 01905 622830 and we shall be happy to discuss the right solution for you.