safety-rider-speed-reduction-hump-in-situ-200-x-169  mother-of-all-speed-humps-200-x-169-red-cross

Speed Humps without Big Bumps!

The most effective way to reduce the speed of site traffic is to use speed humps.  This is especially important in areas where there is a significant pedestrian presence, like schools and retail parking areas.

However, it needs to be recognised that speed humps are disliked by many and in particular lovers of the lowered suspension!  If the speed humps are too extreme they can not only incur damage to bodywork but also to the suspension and steering.

This is where the Advantage ‘Safety Rider’ speed reduction ramp comes into its own.  A wider drive-over section reduces the ramp angle when compared to conventional rubber traffic calming ramps.  Due to the enhanced dimensions, a more comfortable crossing is achieved without sacrificing the speed reduction benefits or the spoilers of visitors to your premises!

Our ‘Safety Rider’ ramps are 75mm at the highest point for speed reduction to 5mph.

Easily installed and adaptable, these recycled rubber speed ramps have yellow reflective panels for good visibility day or night.  The textured surface provides good grip and they are suitable for all vehicles including HGVs.

They prove that traffic calming can be achieved without resorting to the extremes shown is this video