Tighten Your Belt!

Hi-Vis Belt Post with Belt in Situ 200 x 169 Economy Belt Post with Belt in Situ 200 x 169 Stainless Steel Belt Post with Belt in Situ 200 x 169 Belt Cartridge Wall Mounted in Situ 200 x 169

Belt barriers are a flexible and economic solution to controlling control access.  They can be moved into place quickly and re-positioned as required.

Advantage offer a wide range of options – wall mounted or supported by floor posts in a variety of finishes for both indoor and outdoor use.

Although traditionally regarded as means of crowd and queue control, they have many safety applications in the workplace.  High visibility belt posts indicate a clear boundary around areas which pose dangers to unauthorized personnel in the workplace and on construction sites.

The self-tensioning belts easily and smoothly deploy from a cassette with an in-built spring mechanism which damps the belt during retraction after use.

Our hi-vis aluminium belt posts are available with belt lengths of 3 or 4 metres.  The bases can be weighted with water or sand and for a more permanent application they can be bolted to the floor.

For access control in doorways or corridors the wall mounted cartridges are ideal.  Both screw and magnetic options are available.

If queue management is what you are looking for, stainless steel belt posts and wall cartridges offer a stylish alternative for office and retail use.