HDPE Temporary Crowd Barrier

Plastic Temporary Safety Barriers

  • HDPE Crowd Barrier

    HDPE Temporary Crowd Barrier


    This Crowd Barrier is manufactured in Virgin HDPE with no screws and rivets used in the assembly.

    • Remarkably durable and strong and will not rust
    • Lighter than traditional metal barriers, it is easily handled and deployed
    • Can be stacked for storage due to 360 degree swivel feet
    • Deployable on uneven ground
    • Recyclable

    Code:  230.31.607

    Delivery:  2 to 3 working days


  • plastic temporary safety barriers

    Hi-Visibilty HDPE Safety Barriers


    TRAFFIC-LINE Plastic Temporary Safety Barriers are manufactured in HDPE material which is UV resistant and is coloured bright orange with red/white reflective panels which makes them highly visible in day or night conditions. The Barriers can be connected to each other by a ‘hook and eye’ system, which makes them very adaptable for use on uneven ground. The Barriers are lightweight but stable incorporating non-trip feet that swivel 360° for compact transportation and storage. These barriers are suitable for applications involving road works, construction sites, events etc.

    • Quickly and easily deployed
    • All plastic construction
    • Anti-trip feet
    • Reflective panels for high visibility
    • Recyclable

    Code:  230.27.647

    Delivery: 5 to 10 working days