speed reduction hump

Safety Rider Speed Reduction Hump


Safety Rider® Speed Reduction Hump

Due to the enhanced dimensions of the Safety Rider® Speed Reduction Hump a more comfortable crossing is achieved without sacrificing the speed reduction benefits. This is achieved with a wider drive over section that reduces the ramp angle when compared to conventional “speed ramps“.

  • Effective, comfortable speed reduction to 5mph.
  • Easily installed and adaptable. Surface fixing bolts supplied – 6 per centre section and 4 per end section.
  • Tough, durable rubber construction.
  • Yellow retro-reflective panels for visibility day or night.
  • Surface pattern for effective grip even when wet.
  • Suitable for HGV’s.

Applications: Airports, docks, container ports, car parks, entrances, exits, open spaces, loading docks, public areas, hospitals etc.

Delivery:  5 to 10 working days


Product Description


Recommended for speed of 5mph


'Safety Rider' Speed Reduction Hump - Dimensions Sketch

Centre Section

  • Size: 900mmL x 500mmB
  • Height: 75mm (5mph)
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black with Retroreflective Yellow inserts
  • Bolts: 12/100mm (Supplied)

End Caps

  • Size: 900mmL x 450mmB
  • Heights: 75mm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Bolts: 10/100mm (Supplied)

Additional Information


Centre Section, End Cap – Female, End Cap – Male