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Hazardous Substances Storage Cupboards

Original price £23.20 - Original price £440.10
Original price
£23.20 - £440.10
Current price £166.00
Size: 700 x 350 x 300 Floor Cupboard

It is important that employers follow the safe control of hazardous substances. This is within all of their working environments. Our range of hazardous cupboards and cabinets makes the storing and transporting of harmful substances safe. At the same time observing all current CoSHH regulations.

All of our Hazardous Cabinets are EN 130501-1 & A2-s2 certified. As well as being compliant with DSEAR and HSG51. Our cabinets also have adjustable galvanised shelves. These direct any spills to the leak proof liquid tight sump*. The sump is integral and fixed. This encourages the correct spill management proceedure. This unique design feature helps to safely contain spills of hazardous substances. Which will also prevent excessive build up of chemicals in the sump tray. Further reducing the potential risk of exposure or injury.

Manufactured from the high quality materials. Our hazardous substance cupboards have a robust construction. Resulting in an impressive 70kg UDL weight capacity per shelf. Before buying you should consider the weight of the products you need to store. This will help to help understand the total number of cabinets you need.

As well as extra shelves, you can also buy our 500mm high hazardous cabinet stands. These features adjustable footing, which is ideal for uneven surfaces.

We recognise the importance of safety. That is why we supply all of our hazardous cabinets with hazardous warning signs.

*Please Note: The Integral leak proof sump is not available on wall mounted cupboards.