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Stainless Steel Belt Barrier Post*

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Color: Black

TRAFFIC-LINE Stainless Steel Belt Barrier Posts are a stylish method of queue management suitable for a wide variety of applications. They are highly adaptable to changing circumstances and requirements.

Delivery: 2 days


  • Quickly and easily deployed.
  • Flexible queue options.
  • Self-tensioning 2.5m belt.
  • Smooth and controlled belt retraction.
  • Stainless steel post & base cover.
  • High stability due to low centre of gravity.
  • Conforms to latest EU regulations.

Please note that each unit consists of a single post complete with a belt cassette with 2.5m belt.  If you are looking for a post to post barrier, you will need two units.

Applications: Airports, hotels, retail outlets, banks, museums, public buildings etc.


  • Overall height: 915mm
  • Post Diameter: 63mm
  • Base cover Diameter: 350mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Belt length: 2.5m
  • Belt colour: Blue or Black
  • Weight: 10kgs

For a complete queue management solution these posts are compatible with our TRAFFIC-LINE Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Belt Barrier Cartridge